Dr. Emily Parke and her team are fantastic! Functional Medicine is the way to go. Dr. Emily truly listens, looks for the cause and does not simply treat the symptom. The human body is designed to heal, we just have get out of the way so it can do it! Dr. Parke helps you heal!

Sarie M.

Just a quick note to express my gratitude to Doctor Parke and all the support staff from the AZ Wellness Medicine practice. I feel very lucky to be working with you and have more hope today for a positive health outcome than in a very long time. I’m starting my protocol today and knowing the data/facts and having a plan to get better is really life changing. I appreciate your intelligence, communication, dedication to the functional methodology and overall great bedside manner. I really appreciate the support and can’t relay how happy I am to be working with you all. Thank you very much!

Jim K.

I would highly recommend Dr. Parke. The first time I saw her she spent over an hour consult with me. I really felt like we were going to get to the root of my health issues. She ran a few tests and advised me on what I need to do to help myself along with certain supplements my body was deprived of. I am now really on the road to feeling good again. She will dig deeper to find the problem more than any another doctor I have seen. I have since sent my friends and family to her.

Tiffany M.H.

I was referred to Dr. Emily Parke from a business colleague a while back. I have met with her several times and have implemented a number of lifestyle changes based on our visits. The 30 day reset had quite the impact. I didn’t notice immediate effects of the reset during the 30 days but when it was over and I reintroduced different foods into my diet and I learned a lot. Foods I had been eating regularly affected my body, energy levels and sleep and I had no idea until the reset. I no longer take Prilosec or need antacids everyday. I sleep better and do not experience heartburn…unless I cheat and eat something I know will give it to me. The supplements she suggested are helping me with sleep and energy as well as other things. It’s been great to have access to her through her portal website to ask questions, get advice and keep us on track. Highly recommended!

Ben K.

Once I had lost the weight, I was looking to improve my health naturally even more and one of my main goals was to correct my hypothyroidism naturally and figure out why I was having gastrointestinal issues. Within a couple of weeks of seeing you, I discovered I had Hashimoto’s and SIBO. I thought the gastrointestinal issues were related to food sensitivities so had been trying various elimination diets for over a year with no success. After my 2nd visit with you, you believed I had SIBO and a test confirmed your hunch. Most doctors would have told me I had IBS but you got to the root of the issue which is one of the main reasons I came to see you since you specialize in getting to the root of the problem and not just treating symptoms!

Before and After Pic of Jen
Jenn M.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Emily Parke on multiple occasions. She is absolutely brilliant and gets the right conclusion before most even know what the problem really is. Her intuitiveness, quick thinking, detailed nature, and book smarts truly make her a pleasure to work with. What’s more, I completely admire and am wow’d by a doctor (like Dr. Parke) that is willing to combine the traditions of ancient “eastern” medicine with the latest and greatest techniques that come from modern western medicine. Highly recommend and have recommended others to her.

Dave D.

I Have Been Healed! I used to take 9 prescription pills every day and I am down to 1 1/2 and plan on taking nothing eventually. I have been praying for healing for 10 years and the good Lord lead me to Dr. Emily Parke, and Functional Medical Doctor, here in Scottsdale. I have come to find that I have food sensitivities and as particular foods were building up in my system, I would have more pain. After much testing, there are several foods that I cannot have in excess. I have found that these foods are okay to have occasionally, but not consistently. Once I realized which foods would be causing pain if built up in my system, I didn’t want to eat them. I also had some deficiencies in my intestines that were addressed and significant bloating has diminished. Dr. Parke is not only a wonderful doctor, but an amazing and loving, caring person. You will never regret scheduling an appointment with her. She takes a lot of time to learn your personal story and will stop at nothing to help you feel your personal best. Dr. Parke gets to the root of the problem and treats that rather than symptoms.

Michelle V.H
Michelle V.H.

Dr. Parke and her team are awesome, she is helping me to figure out the source of many chronic health issues and I feel confident that we will get to the bottom of it. I highly recommend this practice!


Angela M
Angela M.

My daughter had dark circles under her eyes and had multiple GI issues. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Parke, she narrowed it down and treated the problem, not the symptoms. All of the other doctors we had seen just gave her “masking agents” and she still never felt 100%. My daughter is now the bright, happy, full of energy 12 year old that she should be!!

Maggie C
Maggie C.

After 3 years of suffering poor health, I went to see Dr. Emily Parke. At the time, I felt as if I was being set upon by many illnesses which my internist simply couldn’t figure out.

I complained to Dr. Parke about the inability of obtaining proper restful sleep, psoriasis, repeated bladder infections, indigestion issues and what appeared to be thyroid issues. However, my blood work kept coming back negative for thyroid disease with my internist because he ran only 2 of the 4 blood tests necessary to determine thyroid disease.

The first thing Dr. Parke did was to run extensive blood work. The results showed that all of my symptoms came under Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease).

Systematically she started to heal my body through diet, nutrients, and additional suggestions on other modalities that improved and supported my good health.

After 6 months, I have made great inroads in reversing all of the symptoms caused by the Hashimoto’s condition. I attribute my success to correct and complete diagnosis made by Dr. Parke. In addition, Dr. Parke addressed the whole body and not just the symptoms. Lastly, she gave me a life structure to maintain my newly-acquired good health.

Hilary R.