I Have Been Healed! I used to take 9 prescription pills every day and I am down to 1 1/2 and plan on taking nothing eventually. I have been praying for healing for 10 years and the good Lord lead me to Dr. Emily Parke, and Functional Medical Doctor, here in Scottsdale. I have come to find that I have food sensitivities and as particular foods were building up in my system, I would have more pain. After much testing, there are several foods that I cannot have in excess. I have found that these foods are okay to have occasionally, but not consistently. Once I realized which foods would be causing pain if built up in my system, I didn’t want to eat them. I also had some deficiencies in my intestines that were addressed and significant bloating has diminished. Dr. Parke is not only a wonderful doctor, but an amazing and loving, caring person. You will never regret scheduling an appointment with her. She takes a lot of time to learn your personal story and will stop at nothing to help you feel your personal best. Dr. Parke gets to the root of the problem and treats that rather than symptoms.

Michelle V.H
Michelle V.H.

After 3 years of suffering poor health, I went to see Dr. Emily Parke. At the time, I felt as if I was being set upon by many illnesses which my internist simply couldn’t figure out.

I complained to Dr. Parke about the inability of obtaining proper restful sleep, psoriasis, repeated bladder infections, indigestion issues and what appeared to be thyroid issues. However, my blood work kept coming back negative for thyroid disease with my internist because he ran only 2 of the 4 blood tests necessary to determine thyroid disease.

The first thing Dr. Parke did was to run extensive blood work. The results showed that all of my symptoms came under Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease).

Systematically she started to heal my body through diet, nutrients, and additional suggestions on other modalities that improved and supported my good health.

After 6 months, I have made great inroads in reversing all of the symptoms caused by the Hashimoto’s condition. I attribute my success to correct and complete diagnosis made by Dr. Parke. In addition, Dr. Parke addressed the whole body and not just the symptoms. Lastly, she gave me a life structure to maintain my newly-acquired good health.

Hilary R.

Dr. Emily Parke is the most talented physician I have ever known during my more than 80 years on this planet. She devotes her skills to customizing unique medical plans for each person, i.e. she treats individuals not averages. She begins by extensive testing and analysis to determine the root cause of your Medical Problem/s and then creates a treatment plan based on Natural Medicine when possible and the smallest does of Synthetic substances when necessary to give the desired result.

Dr. Parke is highly intelligent, has knowledge of all Medical specialties as well as an excellent understanding of Physiology and the Mind-Body Connection. She is friendly, compassionate and will spend as much time with each patient as necessary to develop a thorough understanding of their Physical and Psychological needs. She is the best listener I have encountered in the Medical Profession.

If you have a Medical problem that other professionals have been unable to treat or just want a highly skilled Doctor to keep you healthy, I recommend making an appointment with Dr. Parke. You will be glad you did.

Raymond H.

Dr. Parke is attentive, knowledgeable, and a perfect blend of a traditional medical background coupled with her functional medical expertise. 17 years of a chronically ill child in multiple systems, thanks to Dr. Parke, we are seeing measurable improvements in our child’s health and overall well being, sustained without the addition of another prescription. Thank you Dr. Parke!

Tammy B.

Tammy B- Arizona Wellness
Tammy B.Phoenix, AZ

I am beyond impressed with my experience at Arizona Wellness Medicine.

Dr. Emily Parke is extremely knowledgeable and her mix of modern and natural medicine is the best of both worlds.  Dr. Parke has made me feel empowered about my health.  She is thorough with a calm and cheerful demeanor.  She really cares about working with you to achieve optimal health!  And to make it complete, I was seen at my appointment time!

If you are looking for personalized approach to health and achieving the best results then give yourself the gift of a great doctor, Dr. Emily Parke.

Briana B

Braina B- Arizona Wellness Medicine
Briana B.Phoenix, AZ

I won a free consult with her and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I really needed this, and in just the short hour that I spent with her, we have a game plan to helping me change my diet and lifestyle in order to *reverse* my multiple sclerosis. She is so kind and I hope that I will be able to continue seeing her!

Alyssa M
Alyssa M.Phoenix, AZ

My testimonial is long because I am not your average patient. I have used Dr. Parke for approximately two years. I say “used” because that was the nature of our relationship while she acted as a consultant for me long distance. Dr. Parke began consulting for me while I lived in Central Texas and could not find a competent primary care doctor. I had gall stones which required gall bladder removal that lead to a whole host of issues ending in multiple organ failure within two months.

My primary diagnosis were Autoimmune Hepatitis and Lupus. I went to two area hospitals prior to being transported four hours away to a nationally ranked transplant hospital where I stayed over a month. While my specialists were great at treating my failing liver, kidneys and heart, no one could explain to me why this was happening until Dr. Parke did. I was sent home on heavy steroids and immunosupressants to control flares but only Dr. Parke found the reason my body began fighting against me.

My meds appeared to be upsetting my stomach so doses were changed, then meds were changed, an Egd was performed and finally my specialist listened to Dr. Parke and ordered a Celiac test which was positive. What Dr. Parke knew and has since taught me is that gall bladders are often affected by processing gluten and when this is ignored, in extreme cases, the liver is attacked.

Dr. Parke changed my diet and my symptoms subsided like a light switch had been flipped. She also suggested acupuncture and helped me pick a local doctor which immediately helped just as she said it would.

I am now on transplant lists at hospitals in Texas and Arizona but, by working with Dr. Parke, I have been able to keep the scalpels at bay. In fact, my liver now functions as a normal person’s does!

Dr. Parke says I am a “scary patient” due to the severity of my multiple diseases so, from your scariest patient, thank you!

Melissa H. Wellness Medicine
Melissa H.Phoenix, AZ